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What is new:

  • DOMES is proud to announce the publication of an online journal of book and media reviews:Middle East Media and Book Reviews Online (MEMBR) is available online at membr.uwm.edu.
  • We are pleased to invite you to attend and submit your papers to the 6th annual international Middle East Dialogue to be held at the Whittemore House in Washington, DC on Friday February 26th, 2016. For more information visit MED 2015
  • Connect with DOMES on Facebook facebook.com/digestofmiddleeaststudies and Twitter twitter.com/domes_membr.
  • The newest issuse of DOMES is now available at Wiley Online. View the table of contents (Current Issue).
  • Thank you to those who attended and sponsored MED 2015! Video from the conference will be available in coming weeks.

For more information on DOMES or MED2015 please free to contact:

Professor Mohammed Aman
DOMES Editor-in-Chief
Co-Chair, Middle East Dialogue Conference
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee